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MockDesk is an online platform which aids Institutes (College & Coaching class), faculty and students for preparation and self-assessment where do they stand with the exam preparation.

Institutes can overcome the current challenges of conducting the exams and spending time on evaluation. This platform will be a data bank for your institute. Moving ahead institutes can monetize the platform by selling the tests to students who are from different institutes. Thus, this platform will add value to the institute.

Since available on web and on mobile devices student can take tests on the move and always. The platform is a very robust and flexible for the students taking the test wherein he/she can customize the exam with various options and choices. The portal currently caters to engineering(KCET, EAMCET, IIT JEE, UPSEE, etc.) and medical(NEET) entrance exam aspirants. In the upcoming months, we will accommodate other competitive exams as well.

Simple registration process by just completing about 4-5 mandatory fields and you are ready to access the platform whether it is institute, faculty or student. Basic use of the platform is free for use.